How Small and Medium size companies can benefits of Automation

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How Small and Medium size companies can benefit Automation

How Small and Medium size companies can benefit Automation

Automating everyday business process and IT processes have become the topic in almost every business boardroom in 2018. Companies started realizing that manual processes and repetitive IT activities can be automated.

Today, in an age of outsourcing and automation, increasing productivity and accomplishing customer needs are the focus for business. In this journey of outsourcing and automation, data management has turned into the biggest challenge for many organizations in these days. As it always needs enough budget, staff or specialized expertise to establish, maintain and of course for consistent handling.

Based on the latest IDC research report, Asia Pacific region – Automation and Robotics Spending to reach $93 Billion in 2019.

Why is automation such a critical requirement in today’s data management environment?

Being small or midsized company, the first few years or months will always their surviving period. During these days – in most of the cases the scenario is likely to be a small fish trying hard to stamp its existence in the ocean, where already the giant ones are ruling. The thought of automation may be still far for them, but the need to explore automation is a must today for the existence of a company in the industry. Let’s see how the automation drives a positive impact on your business.

Generally, one can guess the primary benefits of automation such as cost reduction, productivity, availability, reliability and superior performance.

Cost reduction: Automation will be an intelligent option to reduce the cost. A recent New York Times article states that manufacturing output has achieved a record high in the most recent quarter. Workers now are producing 47 percent more than 20 years ago. This is just an example and there are many more. Through the development of automation, robotics, and advanced manufacturing, the sector has bounced back along with the overall economy.

Productivity:  As companies continue to automate their business and IT processes, robotics offers a new opportunity to gain productivity and throughput improvements beyond the existing automation efforts.

 The benefits of automated systems

Availability: Yes, you can find mangoes in winter. As the effect of automation each and every service, you can afford at any time when the end users demands which is complete complements to the availability of IT professionals.

Reliability: Here comes the real gem of your service, automation allows you to maintain the consistency and superior quality of your daily processes. Resulting to more happy end users and also you can stay without confusion and chaos. The baseline model uses previously collected data from human-in-the-loop experiments where the automated teammate performs with 100% reliability.

Superior Performance: If the business witness all these four things then obviously the performance will be great. This strengthens scalability and can monitor the workflow to have a better chance of succeeding.

For automation, there are ‘N’ numbers of tools. Some of the open tools such as Automation anywhere, Blue Prism, Selenium, R, Python, tableau, and apps like parse hub, smack can be used. If one can have these many advantages, then it’s purely a walk on the success path. Along with finding solid base the small and mid-sized companies should explore the automation as quickly as possible.

In short, no matter which industry you belong to — day-to-day workflows need to revisit and explore opportunities for automation. Real-time data process, data collaboration, and real-time analytics are already in place.  Automation accelerates organizations of all sizes; and financial and productivity benefits are materialized. As an outcome, budgets of IT and outsourcing departments started shrinking. So it’s the right time to evaluate yourself that where you stand in the race?

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