Next Gen BI Are you ready for Self-Serving BI analytics, Reporting & Dashboarding?

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BI Analytics Reporting and Dashboarding

Next Gen BI Are you ready for Self-Serving BI analytics, Reporting & Dashboarding?

There is a saying “Everything’s better when you can do it yourself”. Don’t you notice this? We are in the era, where self-agendas, self-workouts are gaining more prominences rather than dependency. Business always needs constant updating policy to top the race, because the traditional business-centric are unable to match the speed at which changes are happening.

When the data is the core of operations, decision making and optimization efforts, the new self- service BI platforms are essential to businesses.

Gartner predicted that by 2020 self-service BI platforms will make up 80% of all enterprise. For years together we had dependent on the busy IT teams and scattered spread sheets for all our reporting needs. It is the right time to lookout for self-service Business intelligence analytics, which can furnish a single view of relevant insights from varied data resources.

There are ‘N’ numbers of reasons why an organizations need to adopt business intelligence and analytics by themselves.  Self-service BI shatters the misperceptions that, BI is costly, difficult to use and deploy, and slow to deliver real business value. Self-service BI helps all sizes of organizations.

Employers can conduct their own analysis:

There is no need to contact IT to run special reports or to gather data manually from various sources into spreadsheets. Empowering the workers with the data and tools to perform their own analysis, of course the outcome will be great.

Gives a break to your IT & finance team:

Self-service BI integrates the data from different systems and delivers complete automated reporting and dashboards to user. This also gives you a 360-degree view of business operations and setting your IT & finance team free.

Start analyzing the number behind the numbers:

To know the root cause of the problems or to grab the isolated opportunities self-service BI is must, which allows users to get into the right numbers.

Save your money:

Self-service BI tools and automated reporting and dashboards not always require either a data warehouse or database. This alone eliminates a considerable expense. And also by accurate identification and leaving the unprofitable products lines can save a lot of money.

Shifting the corporate culture from reactive to proactive:

As soon as the new data arrives, the BI provides access to the most up-to-date data, helping you gain the new insights of data. With fewer resources and less risk one can more effectively manage promotional and incentive programs.

BI Analytics and dashboarding

Automated reporting and dashboards are easy to understand because it’s a one page summary of the analysis of the collected information and can be prepared in a detailed manner as per the needs of the end user. It is always customizable in terms of users and expectations. Every decision can be customized to present the most important and useful information.

Real automated reporting and dashboards help to see the data and also the results instantly. It’s nothing getting the actionable data related to the product without waiting. Self- service makes the data available across every dashboards and custom reports almost immediately.

Every organization needs relevant data from various tools to make their business top the race. When you do things, by your own then the insight you get on your business is somewhat different then what you experience from others. That’s how you’re benefitted by self-service analytics, automated reporting, and dashboarding. And now, it’s the time to get started with self-serving BI analytics, reporting and dashboarding.

Reports already started seeing the impact of self-serving BI analytics, automated reporting, and dashboarding trends in 2017, and we could expect them to fast-track in the year to come.

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