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Leverage big data to improve customer experience

It is a fact that customers who are happy with your products or services are much more likely to come back and buy from you again and again. To be in competition every organisation need a wide range of satisfied customers. And, for growth, a business needs to be able to retain, satisfy and engage their high value customers effectively. So in another word it is an era of connected customers. Companies invest a big amount on big data strategy to collect, store, organize and analyse the information about their customers to make personalised marketing strategy to make each one feel special. Big data helps companies to find their customer’s need and expectation from various customer touch points – data.

According to a survey of Driving Performance While Managing Risk, KPMG showed that 41% companies will use big data analytics to improve customer experience in next three years.

Companies cannot depend only on the traditional way for keeping their customer happy. They know that there is a need to leverage big data in their business. Let’s see some area where you can leverage big data to improve customer experience.

Customized marketing – In the era of customized marketing, companies try to reach every possible customer in personalized way. It helps both companies as well as customers. Customers feel special when they receive a personalized service from the service provider and companies get a new customer.

Personalised service – It is very difficult to analyse every customer purchase history transaction data to get information about their behavior, interest, and preferences. Big data makes it easy. With the help of these information companies can prepare their sales strategy to push customers to the point of purchase.

Identify customer problem and solve them– If a company doesn’t know about the pain point of their customers then they couldn’t pay attention to their customers. Companies who are using big data analytics, they know the difficulties facing by the customers and try to improve their customer’s experience. If your company get it to the world of bid data analytics, then for sure you will be out front in a competitive market. Delta Airlines used big data to find the lost baggage of their passengers and came out front in the airlines market.

Improve customer service- Companies are using big data for marketing product development but the companies who are using it to improve customer experience and move one step further. If a customer contacts you, for any enquiry, and if you have enough data in front of you about them then the representative can more quickly and competently solve their issues. They don’t need to ask many question of the customer because they already have this information in front of them. This makes customer feel good and satisfied.

Give more options- One dairy company uses big data to customize their product. Any customer can choose the product according to their interest like fat, etc. They analyse the customers review data and found that different customers having different needs. So they put some option related to the needs of customers for their product. This makes both happy, customer as well as company.

Provide them their own data– Make customers excited about their own data. Here data means analysed data not the huge amount of unstructured data. A food diary platform bodymedia gives not only the information about the calories they have consumed but also about their break down protein and fat. Some more companies use big data to help their customers to find their source of expenditures.

Customer service is a very important part of any business. If you don’t have a well organised and behaved customer service; then it is not possible for you to stand in the competition. Today’s companies not only focus on traditional customer service but also a highly managed and arranged customer service with the use of big data.

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