Big Data analytics services | How to find an affordable and effective big data partner

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How to find an affordable and effective big data partner?

Bigdata is one of the most trending word in today’s market. The effect of big data in every business- from fortune 500 enterprises to start-up’s is so huge that each and every company wants to leverage it. It doesn’t matter, in which field you are working and what is the size of your company? Data collection, analysis and implementation impact your business in several ways. This is the time where you can’t ignore big data analytics and if you are still saying that ‘Big data is not beneficial for my company’ then you are definitely moving out from the competition.

As we know that, in every situation to get some benefits we need to face some challenges too. Similarly for leveraging big data, companies have to face some challenges. One of the challenge is finding an affordable and effective big data partner. For a medium size or small size companies leveraging big data is a quite difficult task because, for leveraging big data, companies need many resources like big data lab, data analyst, developers etc. For getting and managing these resources needs a huge invest. So most of the companies, specially medium and small size companies outsource their data to vendors. These vendors are called big data partners

According to a research by the CMO Council and the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, based on a survey of 330 senior management executives and 20 in-depth qualitative interviews, finds that 42 percent of companies are not satisfied with how well they leverage their partnership and alliance potential.

Only 10 percent of management respondents to the survey that they were extremely good at identifying, qualifying and securing partner introductions. 

From these reports it is clear that finding an affordable and effective big data partner is a big challenge for a company. With the help of this article you can overcome from this problem. We are discussing some points that you need to consider while choosing a big data partner.

Case study– Whenever you contact any vendor for partnership first look at their capabilities from their case studies. It will show their strength and what they can do for you. From those case studies you will also know that what the impact on the business of their clients was after their services. It will help you to find that their services meet your needs or not.

Tools, Technologies and skills– For leveraging big data we need different technologies, advance analytics tools and skilled employees. Look for these resources in that vendor because without having these resources they can’t provide a quality services to their clients.

Cost– It is an important factor for small and medium size companies because they can’t afford a huge cost for leveraging big data. So, look for a vendor whose services meet your needs and their cost meets your budget.

Ground talk– To know more about your partner you should go for ground talks. Try to know about their services from their existing clients. Try to know pros and cons about that vendor. This is the way from which you will get correct and ground level information about that vendor.

Start small– While establishing a new partnership always go for small in the beginning. Let them work on a smaller part, if you will find that their solution is meeting your needs then only go for the whole project.

Location– Location is not so important in today’s time, the important thing is communication. Communication should be open always from both of the side. You may choose a vendor who are providing their services from another part of the globe but make sure that they will be available all the time whenever you will need to contact them.

These are the some points which will surely help you to find a correct big data partner. Going for a big data partnership always help you to find new opportunities to grow. But the things to remember is that you should engage with a right big data partner which should be effective and affordable. If you are able to hit the right one then the market is yours.

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