Big Data analytics services| How to build Big Data internal capability?

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How to build Big Data internal capability?

Data are now key factors for every sectors and functions in any size of company. Every sector and department couldn’t strike without dealing with data. So, Bigdata is playing an important role in the improvement of a company. The use of Big Data is to retrieve important and useful information from the large amount of unstructured or semi structured data.

Now a day’s all companies need to work on big data and its potential to being in the competition. But the question arises, how? Should they build internal capability or outsource to vendors?

The answer of this question depends on the answers of few others question. Those are:

  • What is the size of your company?
  • How much data you have?
  • Do you really need to build big data internal capability?

Coming to the importance of these questions one by one.

The size of a company matters during answering this question. If the size of your company is small then you shouldn’t go to build Big data internal capability because for analysing big data different types of resources like Big data lab with respective technology, Data analyst team and many others will be needed. So it will be not a wise decision for a small company to build big data internal capability. If your company is large then you may go to build big data internal capability.

The amount of data is also important while building big data internal capability. If you don’t have large amount of data then you shouldn’t go for it because it will not beneficial for your company in cost aspects. You may choose a vendor for analysing big data. The cost of building big data internal capability is too high. Outsourcing big data to vendors will be a profitable decision for any small amount of data.

List out the reasons for which you want to build big data internal capability. Analyse them one by one. Look for any alternative way without building internal capability and compare them, that which one will be more beneficial for the company.

Now, if you have positive responses from the answers of these questions then you may move to build big data internal capability. To build big data internal capability you will need large amount of resource like money, human, technology and many more. So let’s discuss them one by one.

Big Data lab– First of all you will need to have a lab for big data. In this lab whole process will be accomplished from data integration to data analysis. It should contain all the necessary gazettes needs to work on Big data processing.

Technology– You will need recent technologies for your lab. It is necessary to use different technologies on different big data project according to the needs.

Business analyst– Business analyst will help you to ask the right business questions and the implementation of information for the improvement of your business.

Data Analyst– They will help you to find out the solutions with most appropriate techniques for different type of problems.

Technology experts– They have understanding of appropriate technology for the different problems. They will help you in the data integration process and in storing of data.

Visualization experts– They must have the good knowledge of visual art and design. Different graph and charts help in analysing data.

So, before building big data internal capability we need to go through the different aspects of big data. Try to find the answers of questions as discussed above. After satisfying by those aspects, move to the next and very important question that building big data internal capability is economical and affordable or not? If it is economical & affordable then only proceed to build the internal capacity of Big Data otherwise outsourcing will be a wise decision. You will face different challenges in each and every step during building internal capability. If you are ready to face these challenges then go for it.

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