Is your Data Team ready for Industry 4.0 related Data Management?

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Industry 4.0 Data management

Is your Data Team ready for Industry 4.0 related Data Management?

Industry 4.0 is an era where sensor technology and inter-connectivity of digitally connected devices, predominantly Internet of Things – is driving the industry forward. The world has witnessed the tremendous change in the stages of industrial development.  There are numerous efforts by our ancestors for the present status of our industries. The start of revolution in industries is sequentially lined from industry 1.0 to industry 4.0

Every evolution leads to the development of other and now we are in the period of industry 4.0. During the revolution from industry 1.0 to industry 3.0 there was not much to concentrate on data management. But today it is the key to success in industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is something we can relate to smart hub. People sometime put an equation stating that artificial intelligence plus big data is industry 4.0. The newly rising digital industry makes it possible to collect and analyze the data across machines, making faster, more flexible, and more convenient processes to produce a higher quality products at reduced price.

The fourth generation is to be ruled by artificial intelligence and IOT. Here in fourth industrial revolution all types of machines and devices interact, communicate and learn so much from each other. Artificial intelligence will reduce the burden of decision making and helps us in getting better strategy. IBM states that the artificial intelligence and Internet Of things have something common in them and the common factor is nothing but Data. When we speak about data we mean actionable data, which has a lot of information, knowledge, insights and other kinds of data driven intelligence and analytics.

Usage and interpretation of data will surely bring the difference in the market. And the technologies from the R&D labs will reach your homes, offices and day-to-day lives. Big data is the third pillar which will also drive this revolution besides AI and IOT.

A Proper way of collecting and managing data will leads to an innovation economy. In 4.0 industry revolution, one of the main aims is to have a closer interaction with the end customers. This can be done by the collection of each and every data points of end users. Data becomes a new revenue stream. It is clear that to reach the peak of efficiency in industry 4.0, it’s compulsory to go behind the data. Big data analysis is somewhat of a bet on the future.

Industry 4.0 Data management

This is how the data plays a major role in the industry 4.0 revolution. Everything you want to gain from industry 4.0 is by proper data management. Now it is the time to evaluate, that the team of ours is really ready for effective data management? If not, you will be out of the race. Make sure to get in, and top the race by managing the data with high concern.





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