How to improve customer experience with the internet of things(IOT)

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How connected devices and IOT can drive increased customer experience

Personalization and contextualization, the one-to-one in-person experience is the outcome of the digitalization. Today, personalization leads to increased customer experience and increased revenue. As the customer continues to get smarter, digitalization and IOT enables them to provide increased customer experience at every touch points.

According to IDC report, at the end of 2020, there will be about 30 billion connected devices across the world which will bring increased customer experience. Now researchers are carried out, to connect every possible device to the internet and covert them smarter and smarter.

Global IoT market can expand greatly to 3 trillion dollars connecting 50 billion devices by 2020. As of now, you can see many devices which are connected to the internet such as a tablet, mobile, Car, TV, Gate, House, etc. Forbes reports that 4,800 devices are being connected to the network, but ten years from now it will be 152,000 per minute. We can notice within the last decade, Smartphones have emerged as a must-have device for consumers globally. Today people are eager in getting services by connected devices. Imagine the scenario at the end 2020.

For instance, how about this experience? That your fridge automatically orders the groceries from FreshDirect or Amazon Fresh. Shortly you may go to a kart and fetch for a washing machine which displays a discreet notification on your iTV. Maybe a full milk smart tank can signal a smart truck to come pick up farm-fresh milk. That is the magic of connected devices and IOT.


The connected devices are always more efficient in processing. It is when the power of individual technologies and devices are made to work together. Which intern saves time and reduces costs. This is because of access to real-time data from sensors.

Eliminating the waste and maximizing the resources are some of the main goals of every business. To achieve this, one should have access to right data.

The connected products achieve the heights of autonomy ever before and become smart by the combined capabilities of monitoring, control, and optimization.

Internet of things is redefining connectivity in two ways which benefits the customers.

  • Users connecting to smart devices
  • Smart devices connecting with ordinary objects.

IOT helps in multichannel involvement and interaction in a contextualized contact with consumers. This helps in better customer insights and experiences. Ability to track and organize deliveries along with fleet management is the key to customer satisfaction.

Virtual connection enables ones to monitor their things, by having a smartphone in their hands. Efficient usage of electricity and energy makes the customer adopt for IOT.

Convenience is the new customer service, customer experience, and contextualization strategy. IOT makes everything contextualized, smart, and maybe smart homes, smart cities and much smarter world around.





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