Bigdata Analytics services| 10 ways big data can help improve social well being

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10 ways big data can help improve social well being

Big data means – way to generate more money? And, most of the time Bigdata refers to corporate business. But today, Big data is influencing not only the business but also our social life. It helps to improve social well-being the way governments serve society and increased social delivery.  

Research says that everyday 2.5 Quintilian of data is being created which contains information of millions people. And, all of this is a gold mine of information which can be explored for increased social well-being. If we look at some of the latest reports, every aspects of human life is being affected by big data; and some of them really make a difference. Let us discuss a few of them and find how they help improving social well-being.

“Bigdata will change the way we live our lives. From health care, to marketing, to security, to social media everywhere its impact is huge”

Improving Healthcare – Big data contains the data by track sleep, track eating, moods, physical and emotional health. With these data analysis different research can be done on health issues. Big data analytics also use to decode the entire DNA strings to find and to understand the disease. In early days clinical trials were limited to small sample sizes but now, it can be analysed on a wide range of data.

Social security– Big data is used in improving security enforcement. Different national security agencies use big data analytics to find the terrorists and criminals pattern of crime. Big data is also used to detect and prevent cyber-attacks. Police force widely use big data processing for criminal fraud detection and take precautionary actions.

Improvement of cities– Big data processing has often been explored for smart city development and planning. With the help of data about city, government plans a number of forward looking development schemes for humanity.

Road and Transportation– Big data helps building road and transportation sector – traffic control, specially in the urban area. It suggests alternative route and appropriate driving time. By using GPS system, it tracks the public transport and traffic signals predict traffic volumes and operate to minimize jams

Personal performance optimization– Big data also help to improve the personal performance on the basis of our daily behaviour. Data from the different sources about our daily life work or behaviour help the companies to find the appropriate match of our needs.

Increasing financial stability– Data related to business or economics used to analyse to find the market pattern of business. By analysing these data economist predict the behaviour of market in upcoming days.

Tackling Unauthorized Trading and Fraud – Big data has vital use in trading specially in share market. By analysing different patterns, experts predict the up and rise of share market. Also, big data has been leveraged for many unauthorized trading, fraud prediction and fraud control mechanism.

Retail and supply chain optimization– Different retailers analyse the sales, pricing, area and economic data to find the pattern of selection at particular stores. Different shipping companies analyse the traffic and transport pattern to find the exact time of delivery.

Saving money and increasing customer satisfaction – Big data is used to find the customers demand and their needs. It used to match market offers and customers buying habits. By having your data of buying they give offers according to the customer’s transaction.

Improving personal life– Different dating and matrimony sites use big data to analyse the listing characteristics, behaviour and reaction to find the perfect match. They also use these data improve the matching algorithm.

Though we have listed a few areas where big data can influence human life, there are many more ways it can impact on our daily life in the coming years. It will change the way we live our lives. From health care, to marketing, to security, to social media everywhere its impact is huge.

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